Game Protector protects any games with a password and when any user tries to open game it prompts for a password, so that only you can launch it. Game Protector lets you protect Game on your own PC, protect games executable files from unauthorized runs both on your computer, and even when you copy it to other computers.

Game Protector is one completely freeware from, it is FREE for individual and not-for-profit charitable entity use. This free software is very easy to use, the program interface is friendly, password protect adding and removing is very simple. This software can work fine with Windows Vista.

What Game Protector can do for you?

Keeping people out of your personal stuff
Game Protector protects any games or programs currently residing on your pc hard drive. An attempt to run a game or a program that's locked down will result in a dialog box launching asking for the password. Failure to provide the correct password prevents the program from fully launching. Game Protector is a very helpful tool for those people, who share the same computer with others and want to protect sensitive applications from an unauthorized usage.
Disguised your games as other normal programs on your PC
Game Protector can disguise your personal games with change its icon and file name, let it seem as other normal programs in your PC desktop, for example, you can let "World of Warcraft" seem as one "Excel" document, so your boss or parents can't find these games that you are playing.
Control what games your child can play
Game Protector is one useful Parental Control tools for all parents, are your children playing computer games when they should be doing homework? With Game Protector you can choose to allow or block specific games, protect Game EXE files with a security password on your own PC, you can control what games can be played in Windows.

Not Only for games, you can use this free program for preventing other unauthorized use of programs, for example chat, office, email client on your computer and etc.

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